Welcome to my little portion of the world. This is a place where I will attempt to share my thoughts, stories, journeys, opinions, and all in between. I can not promise proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling, or even thought pattern.

My view on something like a blog is it is something more free form. Where rules can be bent or even ignored. It is my hope that you the reader may find something like entertainment or maybe even something worth remembering.

 I find that there are days that I need an outlet or just something about my world I just want to share. I make music. I do my best to make it on my own terms and the way the songs tell me to make them.

 I've been truly blessed in this life. I've traveled around the world twice. Seen things that many would not or could not. I've recorded and formed a few friendships with people I admire. This is the place I want to share things like that.

 I can't tell you that I will keep to a normal schedule. Or post things that might be expected. What I can tell you is.... I will do my best to tell it the most honest way I can see it.

Many thanks to any and all and welcome.